President Obama optimistic in Schenectady

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Obama at GE

President Obama visits GE in Schenectady


President Obama touched down in upstate New York today for a  brief visit to General Electric’s energy operations in Schenectady. As the Innovation Trail’s Emma Jacobs reports, his visit left many in the region feeling optimistic. The president addressed guests in the turbine assembly area of GE’s downtown Schenectady plant.

OBAMA: All of you represent people who each and everyday are pioneering discoveries that not only power our lives but drive our economy.

Senator Charles Schumer said the President’s visit to the birthplace of GE represented a step forward for a region with a long history of innovation.

SCHUMER: With a government business partnership we’ve become a center of business with future for 21st century.

Thomas Sweet works for GE in the capitol region.

SWEET: I think it was really upbeat and it just gives you a little hope for the future. If half of what he says comes true we’re in good shape.

The president hopes Sweet and others will soon be making equipment to send to China. He said he wants to see US trade become a two-way street.

You can read the full text of the President’s address here.

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